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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've been beyond absent this week, sorry!

I have been at home sick this week and in and out of consciousness so I apologize.

Seems like my days have been full of Chicken Noodle Soup and True Blood Marathons.

via amazon
This show is crazy addicting! I never watched it but have read the first 4 Sookie Stackhouse books so I jumped right in. Great decision! :)


I will definitely be back on track tomorrow.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday & FBFF- Feminism

The week is finally over. Hallelujah. It seems like it was extra painful this week. So I'm excited to say it's the weekend and I'm ready for some fun.

My weekend plans include a girl's day with my college roommate and our moms. We're going to a cooking class demo and lunch after. I'm hoping to get a pedicure this weekend too, Mom??


And I've scheduled a play-date with my niece, P! She's only 10 months old but is walking already! YIKES.

Hope you have a great weekend!!

and now onto FBFF

1. Do you think there is an incompatibility between feminism and a
love for fashion?
No, I think there is a stereotype about feminists and that they could care less about fashion and beauty. That's just ludicrous in my opinion. You can have strong beliefs about women's rights and strong beliefs that Jimmy Choos are superior to Manolo Blahniks...

2. There is more to each of us than a love for fashion, how do you
incorporate every aspect of yourself into your blog?
For me, if I'm interested in it, I'm writing about it. Sure, a lot of my posts are about clothes, accessories and beauty products. But a lot of it is also about my relationships with my friends who I adore---the recipes I see Paula Deen or any other blogger whipping up---and the things I am dealing with in my day-to-day life.

3. With the fashion industry still being a male-dominated profession,
how do you think it would differ if women played a larger role?
I think the advertising and image pushed onto women buyers would be a tad different. First of all no 2 women look the same, even if they're the same size and height. We are all shaped differently, look differently and WEAR the clothes differently. If only everything wasn't so cookie cutter as to "how" you should look.

4. How is your self-image and the way you carry yourself informed by
your beliefs?
I believe you can be Smart and Funny. Sophisticated and Goofy. Stylish and Serious. You really can be the person you want to be without compromising for others. Who said everyone had to be a Stepford wife? Boring! I think once you truly like who you are, everything else comes through. There's no need to worry, you can just live.

5. Do you think clothing/makeup/hair helps communicate the truth about
yourself or are those things superfluous add-ons?
I think it can help you get your point across. If I want to be taken seriously at work I'm not going to show up in a certain look. It just won't work for me to get where I want to be professionally. However, at the same time, if I want to rock a deep red lip that doesn't mean anything I'm saying should be viewed differently. It's a fine line, I guess....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Spring Looks

I did a guest post last Friday for Elizabeth while she was enjoying vacationing in Maui and I completely forgot to link over to the post (and i'm feeling lazy today) so without further ado...

As the weather is changing and we're moving toward Spring temperatures my mind is wrapped around clothes, clothes, and clothes! I'm from Chicago and we're getting hints of 50s and 60s and I can't wait to expand my Spring Wardrobe.

My list of looks for this Spring include:

Safari Chic. I would wear every single piece in this set multiple ways. And can I just say how much I love the TOMS wedges?!
(I wanted to use the cream blouse but Polyvore was making it look a HOT mess!)

Preppy Shore. I've been dying for these Gap shorts and I know I'd wear these DV sandals to death! Plus a wrap-a-round striped cardigan? Sign me up!

Finally, Femine Dresses. They come in every shape and size and I'm dying for a new maxi that is as romantic as Anthropologie's and the floral Free People is an eye-catcher. But the functionality of the Ann Taylor Loft dress makes me feel like it's chic & practical. AKA a must buy!

So those are the looks I'm craving for Spring and Summer 2011! Do you have any looks you're planning on wearing this Spring?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm a sucker for classic colors. My closet is 60% black, 20% white, 20% miscellaneous. I need some color in there!

So it came as no surprise to me that I would pair a cream cardigan from Anthro with monochromatic accessories.

Sometimes you just stick to the basics, I guess!

Vintage Coach Crossbody, MICHAEL Michael Kors Shoes, Ann Taylor Loft Necklace

Chains and Jewels? Sign me up.

All in the same color family.

I really try to stay away from being super matchy-matchy but this one might have done me in!

Do you tend to stay in the same color family when accessorizing?

Or do you like punches of color?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Tooth Overload

I cannot stop eating sweets. I have a magnetic pull toward them, I guess? I like a good dessert here and there but lately it seems like it's all day, every day. It's becoming a bit of a problem! especially when it feels like my jeans are a wee bit tight...

Lately I've been obsessed with:

Girl Scout's Thin Mint Slow Churned Ice Cream.
so good, go and get it! it's only out for a limited time!
and has prompted me to look for a thin mint cookie recipe...

I made Valerie's Homemade Milano cookies that were such a hit they were gone in 36 hours. Well, maybe 24 :)

I also made my Diet Cherry Pepsi Cupcakes which are not only tasty, but low cal! I blogged about the recipe here.

And finally....the "you know you've got a problem when" recipe. I had bought vanilla bean ice cream (which i love) but wanted something gooey and tasty to top it with. I didn't have any chocolate sauce and I stared at my peanut butter in the pantry thinking I could do something with it...Oh yes I did.

yes, don't judge my 4 huge scoops of vanilla ice cream. it was one of those days...haha

Turns out 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 1/4 c. of sugar will give a LOT (it says 2 servings, but it's a large amount, believe me) of peanut buttery heaven.
Pour it over your ice cream and dive in. It is delish and easy!
Just boil the water and sugar together for one minute. Pull from the heat and mix the PB in until melted.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

The second is finding more recipes :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Shots

I considered Thursday the start of my weekend last week since it was St. Patrick's Day. I'm Irish so of course I had corned beef! We did a traditional Irish meal with corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes and carrots. Some people don't like it at all but I do and actually it's a bit comforting because I've had this for almost 26 St. Patrick's Day dinners.

I decided to jazz up the table since I had my baubles around from the previous Saturday (aka green beer day)

Zapatista takes their fajitas very seriously!

The rest of my weekend was quiet with cooking, baking and lounging. I was lucky enough to find some great pieces with Gap's Give & Get Coupon. Did you end up going?

Hope your weekend was great and here's to hoping this week FLIES by.

And I recently remembered I actually set up a facebook page for LLT so go on over and see. I actually am tech savy 2% of the time....

Saturday, March 19, 2011

FBFF- In the Beginning

So far, what have been the 5 hardest blogging lessons you’ve learned during this process and have helped make you a better blogger as a result?


1. Followers aren't the only thing that matters.
When I first started I thought I need tons of followers. You really don't. Sure, you might have 800 followers but how many of those people do you have a "relationship" with. I love to read a lot of blogs but I only comment on the ones I really love, feel like I know the person, or whatnot.

2. Time Management
When I'm crazy busy at work, home or whatever, I find it's hard to come up with new ideas or blog posts. My blog is really special to me. It's my own place to put my thoughts and if it's that important than it deserves a nice chunk of my time!

3. Breaks are necessary
Sometimes I have nothing to say (shocking if you know me, I talk way too much!) but I'd rather take a day off of the blog then write a shoddy post just to write it.

4. Interaction, Interaction
The internet can be a weird place. Sure there are some creeps out there but there are also a ton of awesome people. I feel like I have friends that I've met through blogging. For the most part I have never met any of you (with the exception of Valerie who btw I felt like I knew and was just grabbing coffee with, love that!) yet I feel like I know you and we have a nice little friendship going on :)

5. Blogging is funny
I might be the only one out here that is like this...but only my brother knows my blog site. My family knows I have a blog (and jokingly make fun of me when I'm snapping away with the camera!) I've been blogging since July 2010 yet not one of my friends has been on the site. Weird? Probably. I'm sure I'll tell them eventually but it's nice to have my own little place. I know they're my friends, but I feel like they'll make fun of me! I think I need to get over that...haha

What have been the hardest lessons you've learned as a blogger?

Friday, March 18, 2011

For Japan With Love

Like everyone else out there, I'm saddened and horrified by what happened in Japan. In a blink of an eye villages were wiped away by the sea, people were homeless and lives were lost. I cannot even explain how heartbroken I am for those who were affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami.

It's up to the rest of us to help them get back on their feet.

So today, like many other bloggers, I'm taking a day of silence for Japan. Please donate to them via Red Cross or any other way you can!

Please join For Japan With Love as we try to help in anyway possible!

No matter what size your donation, believe me, it can and it will help.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

From one Irish girl to another...Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day

Enjoy the luck of the Irish...

And for those of you in Chicago, enjoy the annual dyeing of the Chicago River!

Have a happy St. Patrick's Day.

May your day be full of green beer, corned beef & cabbage, and some good luck :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gap Give & Get Wishlist AND a Freebie Friday Winner!

I blogged about Gap's super generous Give & Get Program the other day. These items are definitely on my must try list. They're perfect for the Spring and function from work to play.

GAP pleated dress
$60 - gap.com

GAP blouse
$60 - gap.com

GAP tiered top
$60 - gap.com

GAP asymmetric top
$50 - gap.com

GAP pleated short
$55 - gap.com

Gap skirt
$50 - gap.com

GAP metallic shoes
$50 - gap.com

Are you heading to Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy tomorrow?

The Winner of Freebie Friday #6 is Elizabeth from Have Your Cake & Eat it Too!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Email me at PursuitofLLT@gmail.com and your LUSH gift will be on its way!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fashion Inspiration

My friend J is an incredibly talented fashion designer. I blogged about her before and the dress she made for our friend L's wedding.

She recently moved back to Chicago and is planning on opening her own studio and starting up shop! I'm so excited for her and I know she is going to end up being incredibly successful! Just look at some of her designs...

I can imagine wearing this so many ways.

LOVE this blouse!

The detailing on the belt is so intricate.

The dress is her raw collection and it's so beautiful in person.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gap Give & Get: Spring 2011

Want some new spring clothes from Gap, Banana Republic, or Old Navy? Want to save 30% while supporting an amazing organization? Look no further! Gap has teamed up with JDRF to offer 30% off your entire purchase for FOUR days! Starting Thursday, March 17 through Sunday, March 20th you can get 30% off your purchases at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic Outlet. Can you say score?

5% of whatever you spend will be given to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. JDRF is the global leader in diabetes research, particularly those who suffer from Type 1 diabetes. JDRF is working diligently to find a cure for diabetes.

My friend J has been suffering from Type 1 diabetes since she was 4 years old. Can you imagine?! She has lived a life full of needles, pokes and prods, blood sugar highs and lows and everything else in between that comes with Type 1 diabetes. Hopefully one day she will be free of this disease!

I completely support JDRF in their efforts to search for a cure. They are truly a wonderful organization!

So go out and spend some cash at the Gap and support a great cause.

Who said shopping couldn't be philanthropic?

Click HERE to get the coupon which you can print out and use as much as you'd like. Please pass this on to any and everyone!

Happy Shopping!

Don't forget to enter my Lush Cosmetics Giveaway---you have until 3/15/11 at 11:59 CST

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday--First Post!

Bit of alliteration with all those Fs, huh?

This is my first week with FBFF so without further ado, here we go!

1. When it comes to prioritizing your life, in what place does
blogging fall?
I really enjoy blogging but it's not # 1 on my list. I feel like in order to have something interesting to say you should actually experience it! I do set a lot of time aside to write posts and I find that I read other blogger's blogs almost daily!

2. We all wish we had more free time to dedicate to blogging and all
it entails. What are your tricks for taking advantage of the time you
do have to be as productive as possible?
I try to write a couple posts at a time. I get in a writing binge of sorts and hammer out a couple at a time. I also keep lists of posts and topics I'd like to write about. Lists make everything easier for me!

3. Have you discovered any short-cuts that makes blogging easier or
more time efficient?
I love sites like Polyvore where I can create collages of items I want and easily place the html code into my blog and voila, it's finished!

4. Do you have an editorial calendar or something similar that helps
you plan ahead?
Lately I've been making lists about posts and figuring out when I would like to post them. The scheduling tool is incredibly helpful especially when I know I'm going to have a busy week.

5. If time wasn’t an issue what you would be doing on your blog/for
your blog that you aren’t doing now?
I wish I had more time for DIYs and Recipes...maybe some outfit posts. I guess I'd like to do more personalized posts?

Freebie Friday #6

I recently posted about how much I love Lush's godiva bar shampoo. I love it so much, I want to give one to you!

Up for grabs this Freebie Friday is one Godiva Bar Shampoo by Lush.

image via lush cosmetics

The contest will run until 11:59 CST on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

To enter you must:
Be a Google follower of LLT

Additional entries:
1 extra entry: Follow @PursuitofLLT on twitter
1 extra entry: Tweet about the giveaway
3 extra entries: Blog about the giveaway and post the link in the comments.

For every additional entry please leave an additional comment :)

Good Luck!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Shades

Confession time. I'm obsessed with sunglasses. I have 6 pairs I wear regularly.
I know, I know, it's gross.

The styles I'm craving this spring are detailed, oversized square frames, retro cat eyes, and adding even more classics to my collection---aviators.

Here are my picks for Sunglasses this Spring & Summer:

I love the MICHAEL Michael Kors cat eyes and Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized glasses. So chic!

Amber from Amber's Notebook just posted a great retro cat eye frame from Forever 21! Seriously, head over and check them out. I definitely need to head to F21 soon...as in, today.

What's your go-to shape for sunglasses?