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Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Obsession: Alex & Ani Bangles

Seriously. I am in love.

I have a hard time with bangles because I swear I have hands the size of a giant. Not okay.

Enter in a lazy day shopping at Nordstrom and finding an Alex & Ani bangle in the Savvy area of the store. I love these.

I bought the H and now I want the E and a Virgo charm and any and every other one they offer.

Have you tried these bangles?!

Seriously, in love.


  1. Ah those are so cute! My mom was talking to me yesterday and said, "Bangles are in this season. You need to get some." haha, can't believe she knew about the latest trend before I did! :p

  2. I love Alex and Ani bangles too :) Keep your eye on sale sites, especially GiltGroupe, they are on there pretty regularly!

    xo lamb loves


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